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Chef Hamid Parivash knows his way around a kitchen. Receiving his bachelor’s degree in Hotel & Restaurant Business in 1984 in Austria, he has been in the restaurant business for more than thirty years - learning the business from the ground up.

Hamid’s first restaurant was family-owned and operated with his father and mother in Austria, operating from 1987 to 1997. That restaurant’s name? Don Camillo. The name comes from a much-beloved fictional character featured in works of Italian literature, cinema, and radio.

In 1997, Hamid sold his restaurant in Austria and moved to Spain. There, he owned and managed an Italian restaurant until 2001. After gaining culinary experiences from Europe and North America, he is now proud to own a restaurant in Hickory Creek, Texas. Hamid welcomes local diners to the flavors of Italian food and the rustic cuisine of Tuscany.

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